The System “Lexus” takes its name from the particular main material: the Lexan. It’s a thermoplastic shatterproof, shock resistant and guaranteed against yellowing. Excellent quality, easy modularity and varied design.
These are the distinctive features of the Lexus line. If you want a location of high expectations, the system Lexus made for you!

For indoor areas
For all distributors
Easy to assemble
Dedicated Packing
Easy to ship.


  • Indoor structure made of galvanized sheet steel and LEXAN sheet.
  • LED lighting in the frame of the vending machines..
  • Extensible telescopic bands realized in carbon steel plate and painted with epoxy dust allowing the insertion of 1/2 or multiple of vending machines.


Full customization with internal direct printing.

Furniture for water dispencer.

Service compartment to place microwaves oven.

Kit monitor LCD

Ultime Realizzazioni Internal - Lexus

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