Elegant line

Elegant, modern with a minimal design and a strong visual impact, these are the strengths of the new indoor line “Elegant”. Born from the increasingly frequent need of operators to combine into a single solution of furniture both worlds of the Vending and HO.RE.CA, the Elegant Corner presents itself as the perfect mediator between these two realities.

In fact, It is possible to combine the system with a special module purposely designed to hold all types of OCS coffee machines. Moreover, the Ho.re.ca. module can be provide with cup holders, cover cup, stirrers, sugar bags and each other complementary product to the use of the coffee machine.

For Indoor areas
For all distributors
Easy to assemble
Dedicated Packing
Easy to ship.


  • Indoor structure made of galvanized steel and fireproof VISCOM SIGN panels according to EN 13501-1 & EN ISO 11925-2.
  • LED lighting in the frame of the vending machines.
  • Possibility to insert a specific furniture to add different models of OCS coffee machines.
  • Extensible telescopic bands realized in carbon steel plate.


Customization with adhesive PVC.

Customization with direct printing.

Kit for cup holders.

Housing for cover cup, stirrers, sugar sachets etc.

Ultime Realizzazioni Internal - Elegant line

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